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Manara Mall

Manara Mall is the newest mall in the fast expanding commercial zone of Shuwaikh in Kuwait City.

Manara is the Arabic word for Lighthouse. Located in the center of the buzzing commercial zone of Kuwait, the mall was designed to stand out similar to a lighthouse that acts as a beacon of light in this commercial district.


The Shuwaikh area continues to transform from an industrial area into a vibrant commercial space attracting the growing young affluent demographic. Manara is the largest mall in its category in this area, offering consumers a wide selection of Retail, Food and Beverage and Entertainment. Manara has easy access points and ample parking in contrast to other developments in the area which lack these elements.


Manara has an upscale look and feel due to upgraded design features by the international renewed firm AGI Architects, that created a sleek design that incorporates colored panels and opaque interiors to lend a unique shopping experience.  The key features are exhibited in the Mezzanine floor, which is comprised of both indoor and outdoor gardens that allow consumers to enjoy the space all year round. This landmark destination serves as a community center that allows consumers to get all their daily needs under one roof.

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