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Kuwaiti Booms

From its position at the head of the Arabian Gulf, Kuwait has long played a pivotal role in regional trade. As far back as the early 18th century, the dhows of Kuwaiti traders were the backbone of an international trading empire which stretched as far as China. As one of the founding families of the nation, the Alghanim family has long been amongst the leaders in trade, industry and commerce, both in Kuwait and across the wider Gulf.

In 1982 Yaqoub Alghanim, who at the time was one of Kuwait's wealthiest and most successful businessmen, lost all his wealth in the crash of the Souk Al Manakh stock market. Subsequently his eldest son Adel, against all odds, gradually rebuilt his father's wealth as well as forging his own path and building his own business empire.

Adel Alghanim started his business career as general manager of the Kuwait Portland Cement Company. Although having little business experience and a degree in microbiology not business, he was able to grow KPCC into one of the region's most successful construction materials companies. In 1983, Adel Alghanim along with other founders, established a telecommunications service provider called the Mobile Telecommunications Company (known today as Zain). The company quickly grew to become one of the most successful companies in the history of Kuwait. Over the next decades his entrepreneurial drive has taken him to new industries and new markets shaping a legacy of self made success.

Today, the Alghanim Sons Group is a regional powerhouse with over 30 companies leading their respective industries. 

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