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Construction Materials

Shuaiba Cement Company has been established to serve the ever growing demand for cement in the Kuwait market.

Shuaiba Cement Company was founded by ASG Holding as the third Cement importer in the state of Kuwait. ASG has brought in strategic partners into the ownership structure of the company including some of the country's largest local construction groups as well as Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea which has a significant contracting presence in the country. This ownership structure ensures that the company has a significant internal demand portfolio.

The company has invested significantly in its facilities and equipment including its terminal facility in Shuaiba, Kuwait. This facility includes multiple high capacity storage silos designed and supplied by Germany's Ibau Hamburg and a state of the art packing plant facility supplied by Germany's Haver & Boecker.

Kuwait is undergoing a significant transformation fueled by massive government spending in infrastructure and other key projects. Shuaiba Cement is well positioned to supply the strong demand for cement products. 

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