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Ahmadi Gate

With a built up area of 150,000 sq. meters, Ahmadi Gate is set to become the largest attraction in the South of Kuwait.

To meet the growing demand for housing units the Kuwaiti government has allocated large funds to develop the Southern part of Kuwait, and Ahmadi Gate plans to become its retail and entertainment epicenter. At an estimated cost of half a billion US Dollars, the mall will comprise of two basement parking floors, and three retail F&B and leisure floors.


The world renowned architectural firm RTKL was commissioned to design the project, creating an eye catching contemporary design. The mall was designed to incorporate outside spaces by having an open middle garden courtyard that acts as the mall’s center attraction. To withstand the Country’s hot climate, the mall will incorporate the latest wind technology and shading techniques to create a cooler micro climate in its outside area allowing customers to enjoy the space year long.  


A comprehensive tenant strategy has been put in place to ensure the mall offers the best convenience shopping in the region along with a comprehensive fashion offering and a compelling leisure and restaurant district.


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