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City Centre is one of the leading Middle Eastern Hypermarket Groups with operations in Kuwait and Iraq.

Established in 1999, City Centre’s famous slogan “get more, save more” has become synonymous with quality at the best price. Unlike conventional retailers, City Centre’s large store formats allow it to offer consumers a vast variety of products ranging from food and fashion to electronics.  Its largest store located in Kuwait spans over 20,000 sqm making it one of the largest stores in the entire region.

City Centre has successfully been able to grow its footprint on a yearly basis, and expanded its store formats to include hypermarkets, supermarkets, and convenience stores. City Centre was the first hypermarket group to venture into the Iraq market, building a strategic footprint in the country. 


The Company prides itself for earning a number of retail awards for its customer service and operational excellence.  City Centre is currently studying additional regional opportunities to furthermore expand its footprint across the Middle East.

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