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Paul Cafe and Bakery, Columbus Cafe & Co, and Chiquita Fruitbar each cater to a different market segment.

Paul Cafe and Columbus Cafe are both part of Azadea Group Kuwait. Paul is a French chain of Bakeries/Cafe's established in 1889. It specializes in serving French products including breads, macarons, crepes, cakes, sandwiches, and more. Paul has strategic central locations in Kuwait's major malls and has become a popular destination for Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti clients alike. Columbus Cafe & Co is a popular French chain of coffee shops with well known speciality coffee and tea drinks such as the try trademark Frederico. Columbus also serves muffins, sandwiches, and other dishes.

Chiquita Fruit Bar is part of Suma Fruits International. Due to the high popularioty of the Chiquita brand in the Kuwait market as well as the significant success and visibility of Chiquita bananas, the Chiquita Fruitbar was launched in the Kuwait market. Chiquita Fruitbar specializes in fresh fruit drinks and cocktails freshly prepared on the spot. Chiquita fruitbar also serves fresh fruit ice creams.

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Chiquita Fruitbar


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