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Alghanim Sons Group supports Crisis Response Efforts

April. 25, 2020

Alghanim Sons Group companies are engaged in supporting the national strategic food reserves in line with the country’s epidemic crisis response efforts.

The group has met on several occasions with government officials and departments regarding the country’s strategic reserves. City Centre Hypermarkets, Suma Fruits International, The Agricultural Food Products Co, and Alghanim Almaya are all involved in supporting the country’s efforts in response to the current nationwide crisis as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic.

City Centre Hypermarkets has kept its doors open to customers throughout the crisis. As groceries are vital necessities, the government of Kuwait has exempted supermarkets and hypermarkets from the quarantine lockdown closures. All eight of the company’s locations in Kuwait are operational and adhering to the strictest sanitation procedures. Furthermore, importation activities continue to operate.

Suma Fruits International along with its subsidiary the Agricultural Food Products Co. are vital to the national effort. Suma International is the largest fresh produce company in Kuwait. Importation activities, farming activities, as well as over 25 convenience stores continue to operate and support the nation’s food security.

Alghanim Almaya, the group’s FMCG distribution arm, continues to operate and secure supply of its products including essential commodities to supermarkets across the nation.

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